Sunday, June 29, 2014

Transformers: Age Of Extinction - Voyager Grimlock

The Voyager packaging looks frustratingly similar to all of the other Transformers packaging. Buyer beware, you have to know which one you are looking for!
When KE554 and I decided to go out and get a bunch more Grimlock in our lives, this is the one I had in mind. Since I rather liked the G1 repaint (that I posted a few days ago), I decided that Yes, I do like the Voyager Grimlock. So, of course, he was nowhere to be found in my first few stops. Ultimately, I did find him in my local Target (as an aside, they had also just stocked the Star Wars Black 6" figures for the first time. I almost bought a Death Star Han).

Grimlock in robot mode has a sort of 'Mongol Samurai' theme going. It's definitely a new spin. I think.
Shockingly, Grimlock's robot mode has terrific articulation. Seriously, I've seen 8" action figures that are less  posable than this guy! Sure his spiked club is a pathetic joke if you are old enough to remember that Grimlock is supposed to wield a flaming greatsword, but that's not his fault. I just need to find something suitably...epic.

Dino mode is amazingly simple to get to. Easy enough that I think it's easy, is very easy.
But where the real deal is at, I think we would all agree, is his Alt Mode. Now, the transformation here is mystifyingly simple. So easy, in fact, that I had a hard time believing it. Basically, you twist his arms around a bit to make the T-Rex legs, and you bend his legs up to make the tail. His shoulders join to make the head, and his sides swivel to make the T-Rex chest and little arms.

Big and little. Voyager Grimlock alongside 1- Step Grimlock I posted a few days ago.
The T-Rex is less articulated than the Robot mode, which makes me a little sad. Still, it looks good, and you can't have everything. I had originally intended to just keep him in T-Rex mode, but since the Robo mode is so much cooler than I thought, I might rethink that. Perhaps, since my TFA Grimlock stays in DIno mode, I can have Extinction Grimlock in Robo mode, and pose them together?

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