Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Transformers Movie Hype - Here We Go Again

I am a minor victim of Transformers movie hype. I do remember Transformers from when I was a kid, and while I didn't like them that much, I do remember them being about the only reason my brother was ever nice to me as a kid (he always tried to butter me up to get me to give him mine, since my mom always got us both Transformers equally to be fair). So the nostalgia thing is there in a minor way. Also, it coincides nicely with my existing 'Mecha' and 'Killer Robot' obsessions. Furthermore, Dinobots and Insecticons are pretty rad.
So, Age of Extinction is getting closer and closer. I was actually resisting the hype pretty well, until...BAM! Movie Grimlock in G1 paint scheme. This actually looks pretty cool. Dang it, I thought I was going to get through this round of Michael Bay explosion festival unscathed. Now I want another Grimlock! And, darn it, I want Insecticons too! Because...Insecticons! They're robots that transfom into robots that look like Insects!
I'm trying to think of ways for this to fit into some sort of 'Toys for Wargaming' niche, and it's not hard, I suppose. Assault Dino-Robots? A plague of techno-beetles? I can see this sort of thing working.

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