Saturday, July 26, 2014

Great Games I Never Played - Lost Worlds Game Books

So Fabulously Harryhausen
Ok, so I had actually seen a little bit of this around back in the day, and had no idea what it was. So Lost Worlds (and the Subsequent Queen's Blade, Queen's Gate, and Queen's Blade Grimoires from Japan) are a series of character books that you use to fight a duel against a similarly equipped buddy with another character. It winds up being something rather like a CCG, in that you can pick and choose what parts you wish to invest in.

And who doesn't love Manticores?
Unlike (most) Collectible Card Games, however, the neatest thing about the Lost World and descendant series is that they are compatible. Mostly, anyway, as some series like the Battletech mechs don't work with the other series. This allows players to fight some fun, anachronistic battles across genres. Especially when you consider the Queen's Gate series has so many licensed video game and anime characters. Want to fight a dragon with Taki from Soul Calibur? There are books for that. Really

I wish they'd used her Light Novel look rather than the anime, so she'd at least have a longer skirt. Sigh.
Seriously, my mind is boggled that no one let me know about this before. Incidentally, I found out about this because I kept seeing "Queen's Gate" come up when I was looking for stuff on one of my favorite anime heroines, Hattori Junko from Ichiban Ushiro No Daimao. Sadly, almost everything that can be found for her online is fan service-y or worse. But it did make me stumble upon this, and for that I am pretty glad.

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