Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Cool Stuff From Zombiesmith!

Zombiesmith couteously sent me an email to let me know about their Summer Sale! This is nice, I like sales and I like Zombiesmith stuff. Now, I recently became acquainted with the fact that ordering from overseas can be hard for some of my readership, but if you are in the States, this is a big deal! 15% off!
Also, they have made the new Shieldbash! skirmish rules available for free. This is the reduced model count skirmish version in the same setting as their previous game Shieldwall. I like skirmish games, I like free stuff. These are the things that make gamers happy! If you want to check out the new rules, you can get them for free here.
Sorry, seems like I have kind of been a Zombiesmith fanboi of late, but it's just that they are doing so much right these days.

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