Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pop! Movies # 98 - Hookfang

At the same time we got the two Blind packed figures I posted earlier, I also bought the Pop Movies regular figure version of Hookfang. Hookfang is a Monstrous Nightmare, a type of Dragon from the movie which is listed in increasing order of scariness below only the Night Fury.

What's great about Monstrous Nightmares is that they set themselves on fire and thrash around on the enemy. Beats the heck out of a breath attack, in my book! Sadly, Hookfang does have the soulless doll eyes syndrome that upset me about the Pop! Vinyl Yoda I reviewed some time back.

While Hookfang's painting is flawless, it is also rather uninspiring. As the paint scheme seems drab and unimaginative. I guess the figure, which is supposed to be stylized, is just a little to oversimplified for my taste. Still, Dragon!

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