Wednesday, August 20, 2014

D&D Kreo Fortress Defense

The sizing on this is strange, click for massive enlargement!
Well, this is another of the ludicrous number of KREO sets we bought at Toys R Us a few days back. This one primarily because Mrs. Fett wanted more castle stuff to make her practically life size version of Dragonreach. Though it does also come with a goodly number of Orcs. She did want a ready supply of pieces to make more Orcses for her LEGO Skyrim collection.

As for me, I'm mostly interested in the weapons. Just think of all of the mischief that Lord Tankbot could find himself up to if he had his hands on all of that swag!

Also, there are lots of cool red body parts and a nifty catapult, which I might even get!

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