Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gaming With LEGO - Mega Bloks Call Of Duty CLAW Assault

I think the Lat/Long for this one is in Southern Florida. Weird.
Hey all, Counterfett here. I've seen this sets a few times at Target over the past few weeks, and come pretty darn close to getting it each time. Today I bit the bullet. Why? Because I love real world (and semi real world) Combat Robots, Drones, UAVs and the like. I find them absolutely fascinating.

I can't decide if I think this thing looks lupine or ursine. Lupine is more fun for me, but meh.
The CLAW (short for Cognitive Land Assault Weapon) is a fictional land combat quadruped from the Near Future Call Of Duty setting. While not real world, it certainly looks like something within the reach of modern technology to me.
Not content to just chip in with the fighting, the CLAW can also tote your crap for you, with handy built in storage. It's like the Cobra M.U.L.E. !
It was something of a 'squirrelly' build, with Mega Bloks' somewhat spotty quality control, some of the pieces were difficult to fit together, and fit with only a frightening snap. I didn't even bother with the minifigures this time, as astonishingly, I am not a huge fan of the very cool CoD customizable minifigures.

The other accessories from the set I bothered keeping, the rest went to Jr. Fett. There was a lot of stuff!
I did take all of the weapons, and gave the figures to Jr. Fett. It came with a very cool RPG, laptop (presumably the control uplink), assault rifle, and a pistol that I originally though was a Mk 23 SOCOM, but upon closer inspection is supposed to be a long barreled Desert Eagle.

Lord Tank-Bot enjoys a morning stroll with his new robotic companion.
Another reason I got this set, in addition to my Combat Drone obsession, was that I thought it would be a great addition to my 'Gaming With LEGO' repertoire. Like the tank drone from a few months ago, it's just a nice generic, menacing support weapon that fits in minifig scale and should be easy to stat out in whatever system I am playing. It could just as easily be fighting with the good guys or the bad guy. In the case of BESM D20, it could even be a player character (the Giant Robot class would be quite well suited).

As it is likely to accompany Lord Tank-Bot on his forays into galactic domination, it will need a comedically adorable name. I will start a poll in the morning, so please chime in with any funny things you can think of by then!

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