Friday, August 29, 2014

Kreo Dungeons & Dragons Battle Outpost

Perhaps astonishingly, I have not finished posting all of the sets that Mrs Fett and I bought a few weeks ago at the big TRU clearance. Getting done with most of the big ones, though. Today we look at the Battle Outpost. Essentially, once you've seen the Fortress Tower and Fortress Defense sets (from the previous two Kreo posts), the Battle Outpost holds no surprises.

What you do get is another rampart of the vanilla human-centric kingdom's castle. And a single Orc to oppose two humans atop said rampart. He's a pretty cool Orc and all, but this fight seems a little one sided. At least he has a cool shield.

Another big bonus is the unexpectedly cool crossbow from this set. Seriously, it's pretty cool. Not quite as cool as the one available from Brickwarriors, but cool nonetheless. I have said cool a lot in this paragraph.

Sorry about that.

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