Sunday, August 31, 2014

Poll Results - Plus An ELINT Retrofit

Well all, the Poll ended and the results have been tabulated. Seems Holo was the out and out winner for naming the quadrupedal assault robot. I think it's a fitting enough name as it was, but since Holo is a Wisewolf, I thought a mission specific upgrade might be in order for the old girl.

What I did was remove the bulky gatling cannon, and replace it on the dorsal mount with the spotlight from the GI Joe checkpoint alpha Kreo set. I figured it could be some sort of FLIR/Sensor/Target Designator/IR Illuminator array. Heck, maybe even a Soliton RADAR? Hey, I played a lot of Metal Gear games, don't judge me.

Furthermore, I rotated the barrel of the chin mounted heavy machine gun so that the guide rod would be under the barrel rather than the side. It's a pretty arbitrary thing, but I think it makes that piece look more like a gun barrel than an antennae.

Last, I mounted a Halo Mega Bloks sniper rifle to the port side mount where the grenade launcher had been. Figured that a .50 cal anti-materiel rifle slaved to the FLIR might be a nice touch. Sort of in line with the Apache's chin gun?

Now I want to get another one. Well, I already wanted to get another CLAW set, but now I want it for a specific reason, that being to make an 'assault' or Anti-Tank version rather than the SpecOps or ELINT version that Holo represents. Maybe put some sort of quick firing cannon on a turret mount, a la Bradley IFV?

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