Friday, August 8, 2014

Pre - Order Critique - Star Wars Armada

Is this the next 'big thing?' Maybe. I think anyone even tangentially aware of the tabletop gaming community knows that X-Wing has taken off like a rocket. Forgive the pun. Tons of copycat games have followed suit, like Star Trek Attack Wing, and...I dunno, other miniature games. FFG had some Biplane game called 'Wings of Glory' or some such even earlier, but X-Wing was their big smash hit.

Star Wars: Armada, however, brings everything to a whole new scale, with honest to goodness Capitol Ships like Star Destroyers coming into the mix. Granted, the SD in the box set is a piddly Victory II Star Destroyer, but at least it's triangular!

It's a bit early for me to get too excited about this, but if this takes off the way X-Wing did, and we get the option of all sorts of cool add-on ships, Armada could end up being pretty darn tempting!

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