Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Not So Great American Novel

So, while recording the last episode of The Articulated Monster podcast, I got to thinking about how a looooong time ago, I had intended to write a book and post it on one of those e-pub sites. The justification was that people could buy it for a very cheap price, which would make me a little tiny bit of money, and simultaneously give me a much needed morale boost.

I've always wanted to write professionally. Full time, I mean, not as my other job, or my other-other job, or even my other-other-other job. I have a lot of writing jobs, but none of them really pays the bills, and I want to start making an inroad towards a more full time writing gig. I follow a few bloggers who have had some success as writers and or publishers in a hobby related field, but I rather want to try something along the lines of a novel or novella.

I'm just torn as to what to do. I'm honestly scared that people won't like my material. I suppose that's a very real risk. On the other hand, maybe I could succeed if I would just finally man up and do it. I've been delaying a little bit on getting started since my injury, because I still have not fully recovered the use of my left hand, which gives me the devil's own crop of typos (think about how much you use your left pinky to hit the 'shift' key, then think about if you were only successful at that about 50% of the time). But maybe I'm just making excuses.

Food for thought.

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