Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Toys For Wargaming - KREO Fortress Tower

Hey all, Counterfett here!
Well, another day another KREO D&D set that I got for on the cheap through the recent TRU clearance. This one is the fortress tower. Once more I think my beautiful wife is going to add all of the castle parts onto her nearly life size replica of Windsor castle. Not really, but it has to be pretty big if it were to all be combined in one place.
Also, I think she is going to use the Orcs as Skyrim Orcs. They do have a nice blood red paint scheme going that reminds me of Orks, or maybe D&D Hobgoblins. I'm mostly interested in the weapons, since I think  I can manage to obtain those, and there's a nice assortment. I mean, we got a couple of scimitars, a longsword, a long hafted double bitted axe, and a mutli part spear. I really like the KREO spears, they have a very menacing dagger style double edged point.

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