Sunday, September 7, 2014

Minifig Monday/Sunday - Emile

Okay, so the set is called 'Mongoose Pursuit' or some such nonsense, but we all know this is Emile! That's right, the smack talking, shotgunning, skull wearing Spartan III in all his mismatched knife toting glory. He's officially the last of Noble team to get a rendition in Mega Bloks, which is funny, because isn't he everyone's favorite character from Reach?

Stupid scheduler. I had it set, and it posts right now anyway. Well, enjoy. I'll just post something else for tomorrow.

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Dr Syn said...

Finally a Mega Blok Spartan Armored Marlo Stansfield (from the Wire).

Loving the look of these new figure constructions. Elites and Brutes next please Mega.