Sunday, September 14, 2014

Neca Diablo III - Shadow Diablo

Remember, these pics have larger, high res versions, so click for more detail!
Well, as sure as the sun sets in the West, since a re-pallette version of the Lord Of Terror appears in the D3 expansion pack, I figured a repainted version of the main man himself would come out from NECA. And sure enough, here he is. I had seen the normal version of Diablo at TRU a few weeks ago, and I regretted not buying him, though at $29.99 he seemed ever too slightly too expensive.

So, after weeks of not being able to post my favorite of the Prime Evils, I went back, and they had the new Shadow Diablo from the Reaper of Souls expansion. Now, in my opinion Blue > Red, though your mileage may vary. So, what I did was ask my long suffering and beautiful wife (who you are all about to hear a lot more from, btw) if we could check the price, since these were just put out and not yet labelled.

Imagine my surprise when it turned out he was $5 cheaper than the regular. So I bought him. I now have a very large, highly detailed demon king adorning my office computer desk.

  • Grande. Diablo is one big Prime Evil. He's about as tall as my old Halo 3 Hunter figures, and easily as massive. His tail is a foot long! In fact, Diablo is so large that it prompted me to take a new set of photos with him in the new 'light box' that KE554 and I put together.
  • Stand his ground. Diablo comes with a stand, but he doesn't need it. HIs legs and feet are able to support his own weight, and, failing that, you can always prop him up with his tail that's a foot long! 
  • Prehensile. It keeps coming back to that tail! Diablo's tail is a softer plastic, and has a heavy wire inside, so you can bend it any way you choose. It's fairly cool, and keeps the massive Daimaou from flopping on his face.
  • Painting. Nothing earth shattering here, just base coat, wash, dry brush. But it's done well.
  • The Seventh Seal. Getting the Lord Of Terror out of his packaging was a chore. He has four arms, and two horns which are threaded though the clam-shell backing. Furthermore, his tail, which is a separate piece, is wired into a separate backing, which has to be removed before the limbs can be extricated. And by wired, I mean WIRED. Like not a sissy twisted wire here, these suckers were tied!
  • Plastic smell. It's hard to describe, but Diablo is made of several types of plastic, and most of them smell bad. I know this tends to go away after a week or so out of package, but still. Also, the plastic of the lower legs and tail is....sticky. Not pleasant.
  • Unexpectedly Fragile. I suppose with all the trouble the NECA Predator gave me a few years back, I shouldn't be surprised, but Diablo's joints are a bit delicate. I had his left forearm pop out. I think the "C" joint part of the forearm broke on one side. It stays put, but is not what I'd call 'articulated' anymore. I'll probably glue it back in place and just be more careful, but anyone who's going to get this going forward she be warned! It's sad that something like this on a figure this price doesn't even phase me anymore. I guess that's one good thing that Figma toys have done for me, huh?
Anyway, that's all for now folks. Expect lots of posts in the future with the Lord Of Terror. I might even make him the host of his own toy talk show. 

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