Thursday, September 4, 2014

Radio Silence - The Why

Just realized I haven't posted anything in a while here. You know why? Because I was sorting my LEGO blocks. Yup. Took me two days. You know why I did it? Because I wanted to find that 'one piece.' I had a piece that I used for something a few months back, that I was pretty sure was in my 'LEGO box.' I am now in a position to tell you with 100% authority that it is not in that box.
How you ask? Because I sorted the whole box. Downside: I don't have that piece anymore. Upside: I can now tell you where any given LEGO piece I own is sorted at.
It's a little frightening.


Stu Rat said...

Just walk around barefoot. You'll find it.

Atreides said...

i know this feeling. a few years ago i remade every single one of my childhood lego sets, of which there were about 300. i still had most pieces, with the usual few bits and bobs missing that needed replacing, but the really really weird part was that i was short by no less than 20 black 3x1 blocks. what the hell can happen to 20 of those all at once?