Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gaming With LEGO - The Dread Knight - Before The Storm

Finally freed from the boring 'Noob Island' confines of Helgen, the Dread Knight takes her first steps into a larger world. Instead of booking it to Riverwood as Ralof suggests (who I accidentally called Hadvar in the last post), our fair maiden sidetracks a bit to get some much needed loot and gear for her coming adventures. Trust me, you need this stuff!

So after grabbing the Warrior Stone, I go back up the path, then take the fork away from Riverwood, and immediately run into a trio of bandits. Bam! After dispatching the fools who think three-on-one is enough to stop the crazy train, The Dread Knight has a level up and a full set of Iron Armor. Astonishingly, Iron Armor is better than Imperial Heavy Armor, despite looking like something I could make in my garage. This is why the Empire keeps losing wars to the Elves, I guess. Those Thalmor have seriously better gear than the Legion. And don't even get me started about the crap gear the Stormcloaks lug around!

In any event, I also loot the dead people at the shrine (the Thalmor robes there are a good selling item for early in the game), and kill the hostile Conjurer at the standing stone circle before heading back. Loaded now with pelts, better armor, and a fistfull of level ups, The Dread Knight heads on the merry way to Riverwood, and from there, Whiterun!

Next Up: Steel Armor and Bleak Falls Barrow!

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