Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gaming With LEGO - The Dread Knight - Unbound Part II

So, when we last left our (anti)Heroine, she was expressing grave dissatisfaction with her gear appropriated from fallen comrades(?). But, being as it was free, and pre-blood-soaked, she just bore with it. But almost immediately, as she and Hadvar prepare to plumb to the depths of Helgen's dungeon in search of an escape, they run into a small clutch of Imperial soldiers.

As luck would have it, the same Captain from the execution scene earlier shows up, and The Dread Knight is able to finally (after five minutes!) begin enacting some revenge! Imperial Heavy Armor is not much to speak of, but at least it's heavy, and it's even in the right colors. A little further into the cave, and an Iron Greatsword is acquired. A little further still, and what will become her iconic helmet is already obtained, the Iron Helm. Yes, you can actually find one of these before even leaving Helgen for the first time. It's across the little creek from the sleeping bear, mixed in with some wine bottles.

Well, that's it for now, folks. Our unfriendly neighborhood Dread Knight is finally out in the big wide world, ready to enact vengeance on the Empire at large, and doing it in style. Heavens only knows how I am going to manage the next few heavy armors. I don't think I have any decals for iron or steel armor, from Skyrim, though a few Brickforge or BrickWarrior pieces might suffice (like the BW helmet in this update, which also inspired the series at large).

See you next time!

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