Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gaming With LEGO - Gnome Enchanter Jory Brownstaff

"Tremble in fear, evildoers, at the powerful aroma of the Brownstaff!"
Okay, so this one will take a bit of explaining. My wife and son had friends over last night, but since my daughter was ill and had stayed home from school, it was deemed that she had to stay in her room so as not to spread the virulent Bunny Pox. Since that made me feel super awful, I went in there to hang out with her the whole time. Conversely, it was the most fun I've had with playing LEGO since I was that age myself.

One result was this. Jory Brownstaff, wielder of THE Brownstaff. My daughter is big on Skyrim, so even though there are no Gnomes, we made an exception. And for those of you not too sure, yes, the Brownstaff is one long running poop joke. What can I say, she's ten, and I never grew up that much.

Eventually, it morphed into a whole Brown Panoply, with a Brownstaff, a Brown Blade (which is a chainsword that growls 'brrrrrrrrown!' when you swing it!), and even a battle cry. Jory is quite the adventurer and hero of justice. The Brownstaff's powers include a fireball spell called 'The Blue Flame,' a poison spell to incapacitate enemies called 'The Brown Note,' and lastly, an illusion spell to make guards believe someone else had committed Jory's actions called 'Who Smelt It Dealt It.'