Monday, October 13, 2014

Gaming With LEGO - Unbound (Part I)

So, you remember how Skyrim starts with that long, boring, tedious conversation in the wagon? Well, I don't, because I tune it out and pour myself a drink or something, but I hear tell that once it's over is when the Fus starts to hit the fan.

Here we see our Dread Knight once she loots that poor, dead Stormcloak's body (I can't think of his name...Gunjar maybe?), and gets her first taste of arms and armor. And boy is it ever bitter. Light armor and one handed? You mean I don't get an initial choice? Come on now Bethesda! I am quite proud with the head I chose for this project. It's like she's saying "This gear blows, and it's in the wrong colors!"

And before anyone gets on my case about the armor being from a Markarth guard instead of a Stormcloak...I know, I just didn't have the right color sticker. And you all know I'm not getting into my wife's collection if I can help it.

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