Monday, October 13, 2014

Minifig Monday - Those New LEGO Blind Packs

Well, so they finally arrived. I know they came out like a week and a half ago, at this point, but I found them for the first time yesterday, and we took the bullet and bought like $60 worth.

And I got...the doubles and stuff my wife didn't want. That's fair enough, I mostly was looking for them for her. Plus, I got some pretty sweet parts for the 'Rise of the Dread Knight' that I am working on. In particular, the Hun has what looks an awful lot like the Dawnguard armor (which is a brigandine, which does look pretty similar to the lamellar that the Hun is supposed to be wearing), not to mention the best LEGO representation of a Skyrim Iron shield that I have seen thusfar.

Now, the miner is pretty boring, but his color palette is useful for decal modification. The gamer is funny because he kind of looks like a younger, thinner, less bald version of me. So okay, he looks nothing like me. The miner and swashbuckler have limited use, but do have some nice parts. I don't know what I will use the Greek Goddess for, but she's so rad it hurts! The Space Miner just screams 'space marine,' and in fact shares many parts with the earlier wave's release. He had a cool drill bit to go with the space pistol, but it got...appropriated.

Anyway, just wanted you all to get a good look at some of these. I'll post more as they arrive.


Stu Rat said...

I was wondering when you were going to get around to 12. I stumbled across a lone pack in a Target a few weeks ago-barbarian. Then this weekend-new stock. So current haul-swashbuckler, (Young Adult) Dystopian Female Archer, Wizard, Jester and two Opera Singers/Pallas Athena guardswomen.

The space guys were in abundance, but that drill...

Figure a princess is needed-someone needs to be rescued (very chauvinistic of me, I know). I have two blue djinn from past series, not sure if I need another. Prolly.

I passed on the pig costume, Im beginning to regret it for some unfathomable reason.

CounterFett said...

Because of how much we part swap/customize/decal I figured we could use multiples of all of them. Though honestly, now that I have seen the HUN, I want a bunch of him, since his armor is pretty dope. And I want a bunch of that dino hunter/archer/whatever girl, since she has lots of cool parts!

Stu Rat said...

I was a bit unhappy with her at first as she has those grenades on her torso. But they could be other things e.g. potions vials

Accidentally picked up the drill space guy (thought it was the genie-going to have to reassess my fingering skills).

Gonna have to crack open the piggy bank.