Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Current Thing - The Dread Knight - LEGO Skyrim

Ok, I know this is Minecraft and not LEGO, but since there is LEGO Minecraft it sort of makes sense.
Yeah, so, I have been playing an awful lot of Skyrim. But since Suzuno, my most recent character, has been more and more taken over by my wife, I'm thinking of starting over. I do that a lot. I've been playing a lot of sneaky, archery, finessy type characters in Skyrim of late, so I kind of feel like going back and playing an honest to goodness bruiser.

I'm thinking of a particular character archetype, which I have taken to thinking of in my head as 'The Dread Knight.' Sort of like the Dread Pirate Roberts, but with a bigger sword. Since this is me we're talking about, I am planning to showcase said character's development in LEGO form. Because, I can.

Also, bonus internets to anyone who can guess what I'm using as inspiration!

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