Friday, October 24, 2014

The Wants - Part I

Sometimes it become briefly more interested in the real world than in books or wargames. I'm not yet so old or out of shape that I don't enjoy hunting, camping, hiking (especially that last one), though I never did get much out of fishing.

In any event, I found this online today. I've been looking at slingshots quite a bit lately, since I had a ton of fun with them in the past. The bows that can be converted to shoot arrows are extra nifty, though they tend to be quite expensive. Well, this might be the answer. The Marksman Pocket Hunter comes with an arrow rest which is removable to become a regular slingshot if you so choose.

I would probably keep it set up for arrows, then just buy a cheapo second shooter for marbles or whatever, since the regular ones are pretty darn cheap anyway.

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