Monday, October 6, 2014

Totally Not Dead - Really

Does that make me... un-dead?
Ok, I know how a ton of bloggers have a last post titled this, but I was super stressed out, then I was out of town. But now I am back in business, more than figuratively. Should be back to regularly scheduled posting in the next few days.
I am probably going to be picking up on the anime posting at the examiner, since my backlog is truly staggering on that front. Though the Halo pileup is only lesser in comparison.
I feel like there has been something of a shortage in terms of posting about Wargaming, but that is because there has been something of a shortage of things which have caught my interest in wargaming. Several very good and immersive RPGs on Xbox of late have seriously robbed my motivation for both Solo and Group gaming.
With any luck, however, I should have some solo gaming Mojo back in the near future. So I guess you have that to look forward to.

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