Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best Loc Seasonal Packs. F-15 Element

At the same time I bought all of those tanks, I also bought a pack of these fighters.  They're nowhere near as cool, unfortunately, and they do not come with a surprise extra set either. Also, the minifigures that come with them are like two-thirds the size of regular minifigs, for some reason. Haven't quite figured that one out honestly.

I got this set because from the package art I thought they were going to be F-14s. Meh. I do wish I had taken a picture of a regular minifig with the pilots for scale.


paws4thot said...

What I'm seeing looks like either:-
1) A cross between a Cylon Raider and an X-wing
2) A jet version of a Vought "Flying Pancake"!

CounterFett said...

Part of that's the angle, the tail is actually one layer lower than the wing, so it doesn't show right with the way I took the picture.

But essentially, yes, the only way I can say with any degree of confidence that those are supposed to be F-15s is that the stickers actually say so.