Sunday, November 9, 2014

Toys For Wargaming: Best-Loc Seasonal Packs

It looks pretty good on the surface, but you never quite know what to expect with Best Loc
So, I found myself in the 'Holiday' section of the local Target, which is always a great way to find some nifty toy grabs. And to my joy and be-wonderment, I found some Best-Loc military playsets. I'm always extra wary with Best-Loc, since they seem to be low on Quality, Quality Control, and in particular, the one important piece you absolutely NEED to finish a set. Still, since they seemed like they had multiples of each vehicle within one bag, I figured it was worth the risk.

The tanks are pretty solid. This is the way the book says to assemble, but if you turn the turret around, they strongly give the impression of a Sherman Tank. So I'm not sure which I prefer.
Boy am I glad I did!

I would say the minifigures are disappointing, but this is about what I expected. I already gave them all to my son. In some instances, they won't even hold their guns...something LEGO-esque figures should really be capable of.
Now, on fundamentals, there are still some core problems. The plastic used is lower quality than LEGO or Mega Bloks. There's flash, and mold lines. The minifigures are best left unmentioned. But my oh my the Tanks! These tanks are absolutely adorable. I simply cannot wait to do some wargaming with them. The turrets swivel, the treads are of one piece construction as I like, and in general, they are a minimalistic fun little build.

The Typhoon is pretty cool, though I was missing one piece (Best-Loc strikes again!)
Now, I mentioned that there are two figures and two tanks in each set, but did I mention the surprise jet fighter in each set? No? Yes, each set comes with a random, surprise extra fighter plane, bigger than the tanks. There is no indication that these are in there, much less which one you will get. I got an F-117 Nighthawk and what I suspect is a Eurofighter Typhoon. The F-117 is a better set, but neither is too shabby considering they are a complete surprise bonus. This set was a good enough value at $5 that I bought two packs without knowing about the fighter. Now that I know, I went back and got four more sets. I will update if there are more different fighters included.

Though the F-117 is the star of the show. Bit of a wonky build though.
And now that I'm done buying them, I figured it wouldn't hurt to let other people know.

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paws4thot said...

Yeah, your suspected Eurofighter Typhoon is actually an example of same (well, if nothing else it's too boxy for a SAAB JAS39 Gripen which is about the only other candidate) (I work with these types as in day job sometimes).
As to the "missing bits" comment, Lego actually do a free replacement service at least within the EU.