Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gaming With Lego - The Dread Knight - Bleak Falls Barrow

Do these pauldrons make me look fat?
So Our Heroine travels without delay to Whiterun, up the annoying hill and through an Xbox 360 era loading screen, to tell Jarl Balgruuf to not let his towns burn in Dragon Fire. And what does she get for a reward? Some Steel Armor and another favor to perform.

And why is the Dread Knight performing all of these favors, when all she wants to do is put knives to the fools who thought it was okay to behead her? For the loot and XP, of course. See Bleak Falls Barrow is home to a swarm of Draugr: the least intimidating brand of mummy known to the fantasy genre. Honestly, even clad in full heavy armor, the Dread Knight can sneak up, whack them with her spiffy new steel greatsword, and be done before they finish climbing out of their coffins. It helps that her player (me) has played this part of the game a cool hundred times, and knows the layout of BFB in his sleep.

But anyway, can we stop running stupid errands and get on with the serious killing? Yes, yes we can.

Up Next: Dragon Rising or Dawnguard?

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