Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gaming With LEGO - The Dread Knight - Dragon Rising

I'll admit it, this is pretty terrible as Dwarven Armor, but you never keep it long, so it's not worth working too hard on.
So, our bold Dread Knight returns with the Dragonstone (which sounds important, and I suppose is, in a sense, but you never hear much about it again in the game), and is rewarded by the Jarl for her efforts. He gives her an...Iron...Helm...of Destruction. Well, she likes Iron Helms, and anything sounds cooler when you label it 'of Destruction.' So Balgruuf lives to die another day, I suppose.

But since this is a day ending with the letter 'y' and The Dread Knight's around, the Jarl has another favor to ask. He wants us to kill a dragon. "Sure, no problem the Dread Knight says, I can kill a...wait, did you say Dragon?" Pssh. The Dread Knight can kill anything! Except children. Because children are invincible in Skyrim. But anything else, she can kill!

On our way out of town to meet Irileth (one of the most useful NPCs in a fight in the game, as far as I'm concerned), we stop by the blacksmith, since the Dread Knight has industriously been grinding her smithing, and it has now reach skill level 30. You know what time it is: Dwarf Armor Time!

It turns out that there are not enough Dwarven Ingots in Whiterun to make a set of armor and a Greatsword, so our fair maiden has to make do with her Steel Greatsword for a while longer. I was a bit hard pressed for how to represent Dwarven armor, so I just did the best I could. The armor is from the Prince of Persia sets, the helmet is from the Athena/Greek Guard minifig, and the bottom is from the robo-madame from The LEGO Movie. I also gave her a bow, since I'm good enough at archery that I can usually drop Mirmulnir (the Western Watchtower dragon) before he even gets a chance to land.

No surprises, the Dread Knight kills the Dragon, eats its soul, and heads on back to town. Just another day.

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