Tuesday, November 4, 2014

He Man...The Gaming Implications

Okay, so this is kind of a weird first post after coming back to the blog, but I really want to get more active with my solo gaming, like how I was last year. And for some reason I got to thinking about He-Man. He was a great Solo hero. I mean, he had Battle Cat, and Man At Arms, and Teela (was that her name?) but when it came right down to it, He-Man was The-Man.

I've visited this topic a bit back in my "Can It Fight He-Man" posts of yesteryear, but there really was not much that could stand up to him when he was really in the groove.

How does one stat out He-Man? In D&D Terms would he be a Paladin? Barbarian? Fighter? I can see arguments for all three. Or perhaps something different entirely is called for? Like a classless game? Or a 'made to multi-class' system like d20 modern?

Anyway, all I know is that now I REALLY want to make a LEGO He-Man.


paws4thot said...

I actually find myself thinking that He-Man is a Were-human (not a term you use often, but look at the Prince Adam to He-Man transformation).

CounterFett said...

Or maybe a Hyde (is that a thing?).

Or maybe a Were-Pro-Wrestler?

I like where this chain of thought is taking me.

Does this mean Randy Savage was an Eternian?

paws4thot said...

"A Hyde" - Mr Hyde was effectively an id monster released by the use of experimental drugs.

"Were-Pro-Wrestler" - are you suggesting that Trish Stratus is anything other than a normal woman who works out?
And what is a "Randy Savage"? I honestly don't watch WWE (or whatever it's called).