Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Transformers Tuesday - Mr. Potato Head Grimlock

Well, I was going to make this an installment of Minifig Monday, but then I forgot and posted an Examiner article, which was much overdue...but still. So anyway, to keep with a jolly naming convention, I have dubbed today Transformers Tuesday.

Mr. Potato Head and Grimlock. The only way someone could mesh two of my favorite childhood favorite characters and toys better than this would very likely have to require some sort of Major Bludd Battle Beast.

It's cute. It's clever. It's three inches tall. It's nearly everything you could want in adorable brick-a-brack.


Greg Hess said...

Put....put a space marine in his mouth controlling him. :)

Oh no, I just gave GW an idea!

Stu Rat said...

If GW does, you can always sue them for violating your IP; except the legal system doesn't recognize irony.

CounterFett said...

I don't know Stu. I saw a lot of irony in the GW - Chapterhouse rulings.

If I put a Space Marine in Grimspud's mouth, it will be because he's having a snack.