Thursday, January 8, 2015

Advice - Sometimes I Follow It - Pirate Edition

Resurrecting an ancient series wherein I actually follow a good suggestion a friend of the blog makes. I so rarely listen to advice, that when someone says something that actually gets through my thick skull, it's especially noteworthy.

A few days ago, I posted in the 'Gaming With LEGO - Space Pirates! Again!' topic that I was looking for feasible pirate ships to give to my Mind Flayer captained spelljammer pirates. Regular reader and worthy sentient life form Stu Rat recommended checking out craft stores for the pirate ship bird houses.

And holy crap, I actually looked! It seemed like a good suggestion when he said it, and it only took me...what, three days to type a search into google? Forget the results, this is serious personal growth I'm having here!

Anyway, all kidding aside, this is just more evidence that I have the best readers anywhere, especially when my recently spotty posting record is taken into consideration.


The Happy Whisk said...

Very cool beans. Craft stores have great finds.

And, Joann, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Ac Moore, all have their own coupons, online.

All but Hobby Lobby, accepts coupons from the other craft stores. Hobby Lobby, as of this writing, still only accepts their own.

Anyway, if you wanted to go back and save some moola, check out their websites.

Stu Rat said...

Finally, someone doing what I tell them to do...

Only seven billion more to go and the world will be perfect.