Sunday, January 11, 2015


So here are some birdhouse - pirate ships that I got in the craft store today. You see them now in dry dock in my computer room. They are pretty cool. Not many surprises from the one I saw on the website, and the dimensions are satisfactory for what I need.

I still plan to paint these up rather than use them as is. One will be painted with a brown hull, red gunports, white sails, and gold railings. This will be the trader / target ship that is preyed upon by the Mind Flayer Pirate and co.

The second ship, I was planning on painting a darker brown, with purple sails. This would be a 'pirate hunter' vessel, and have some distinctive logo. Not sure if this is to represent an individual ship, or some sort of anti-Illithid organization. I suspect the former at this point, but who knows where such a campaign can run.

I shall have updates on this project as it progresses. And just wait until you see what I got for the Mind Flayer ship!


Stu Rat said...

Are you going to cover the birdhole(?) or is that from where the boarding 'plank' extends?

CounterFett said...

I'm probably going to be lazy and do nothing. Because I'm Lazy.

But maybe it will be a boarding access point. Like the Mind Flayer ship will have bored the hole through to extend a ramp?

I haven't posted the Flayer ship yet, but it has a much lower freeboard than the birdhouse ships.