Thursday, January 8, 2015

Female Paleontologist - A Week Of Minifig Mondays!

I realized that the exact wording and punctuation of this feature has been wandering all week, but now we are back on track!

Does anyway need me to really explain why I got this? Female LEGO faces are rare. Female LEGO faces with glasses are rarer still. Also, she's a Paleontologist! I feel this needs no further explanation


Stu Rat said...

I found some series 13 at ToysRUs today. So I have my Illithid and the paleontologist. (I wasn't looking for her, I think the disk confused me into thinking it was the neck loop for a beard). I also accidentally got two of the Egyptians, thought the sword was the goblin's sword. Anyway, their faces (the Egyptians') are rather effeminate, to my eye at least. I think they are wearing eyeliner. So, if you didn't get any, you might want to check them out for that. I was thinking of replacing the heads with skulls, to make some sort of undead tomb guardian.

I passed on what I think might have been Disco Stu-It's been haunting me, I may have to go back; for obvious reasons.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, the egyptians are scheduled for monday. Surprisingly I wasn't that interested in them, and I comment on their eyeliner as well.

It...disturbs me.

Stu Rat said...

I don't find disinterest in the Egyptians surprising, they...I don't to inspire? But my inept finger-fu saddled me with two.

I went back for Disco Stu this morning.


Damn other people buying stuff I want...

CounterFett said...

Disco Stu is easy to find once you know that the little piece you found a million times but couldn't figure out is his roller skate!

I had a pile of them set aside because I couldn't figure it out. Once I figured that was a skate, everything moved along more smoothly.

I'm confident you will find another.