Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Female Samurai - Onna-bugeisha - A Week Of Minifig Monday

So, this is one of the few figures I got without a solid plan of why I wanted it. Armor? Check. Girl Face? Check? Sword? Double Check. Maybe it just checked all the right boxes. I can always use more swords, and building characters from anime and games requires a nice assortment of female faces. Making RPG characters is aided by having a lot of different 'attitudes' to try on for a character, particularly when I am having a hard time nailing something down.

When you've been playing RPGs and video games as long as I have, coming up with something new can be trying. Not ALL of my male characters can be Bjorn, for example. Stuff like this figure can help shake something loose. I guess that's my long and twisted thought process as to why I wanted this one.

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