Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fire Wizard - Mind Flayer - A Week Of Minifig Mondays!

Hey all, Counterfett here. Since the wave 13 of LEGO blind pack minifigs has hit here, my wife and I went on an extravaganza of package squeezing, and got all the things we wanted. Including multiples. Because I'm all about army building when it comes to minifigs I can use in role playing games. So, since I have had a bad track record of posting lately, I am going to post one of these a day. All week long.

Starting on a high note, here's the evil fire mage. While not as awesome as wave 13's Merlin, he's a little more generic in how he can be used or parted out, since I don't think he slots into a particularly well known character as well as Merlin does.

That being said, I bought two. So I could do this. I love Illithid. Seriously, Mind Flayers are some of my favorite D&D monsters. A big part of why I bought into the Spelljammer setting as hard as I did was because it presented the Illithid as this feared Space-going empire with enclosed tentacle themed warships. My Illithid, as yet unnamed, is made by using the head from this same wave's alien explorer. Which I sadly forgot to photograph before letting my wife take the parts she wanted.


Stu Rat said...

You jerk!

It's below zero outside, and now I've got to go off to Target to see if they've got Series 13 in.

Thanks a lot!!

CounterFett said...

But Stu...

Mind Flayers!!

Stu Rat said...

Mindflayers are why I went.

Three cases of Series 12, no Series 13.

Have to drop by ToysRus sometime this week.

CounterFett said...

Sorry man! I found mine at Target yesterday and Wal Mart today. Cases and cases. Not sure why the first three waves never came out here, but since than they hit fast and early.

Stu Rat said...

We'll eventually get them. Man, there are nine figures in that set that would be useful. At least four in serious numbers. Better get out the sandpaper to improve the finger-sensitivity. ;)