Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gaming With LEGO - D&D KREO Knight's Battle Tower

For some reason, I don't have a picture of the box for this one, so I am approximating the title as best I can. Usually, I photo the box for precisely that reason. In any event, this was yet another acquisition in the big TRU selloff of this lin in mid to late 2014. I got so much of it in fact that I still have pictures on my hard drive of sets we built but never posted.

So here you have it. My wife integrated the tower itself into some massive mega fort she was working on a while back. It was an uninspired construction anyway, so I don't miss it. Where this set was able to shine was the catapult, but since it's the same as the smaller cheaper set I posted previously, all this set really has is that it comes with better figures than that set.

The orcs are kind of cool, and have neat weapons. The knights are rather more generic than I prefer, but I guess that just makes them versatile. They also come with that 2 piece spear I like so much. Bonus.

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