Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gaming With LEGO - Knight's Catapult - D&D KREO

Ok, so this has been in my pictures folder ready to go for so long that I don't even remember when I got this set or what happened to it.

Honestly. It must have been from the big D&D clearance that TRU had like last summer. But I'm not even sure. I think I had my kids build it, and then let them have most of it after I took the pictures, because the only part of it I can find is the catapult.

Which is the only part of the set really worth having. Honestly, that thing throws those little red marbles with AUTHORITY.


Atreides said...

every time you post i keep meaning to ask you. how on earth do you store all this stuff? i mean, is it just all over the place, or is it seperated cleanly into seperate storage compartments? there is just so much of it i cant imagine how it is possible without some kind of system.

CounterFett said...

Most of it ends up in my kids' toys or my wife's collection. If the former, it gets disassembled and played with then stored in some 'catchall' bins.

If the latter, it is fastidiously displayed on organized shelves, or stored in sorted bins if they are 'out of season.'

I really only get to keep the minifigs, mostly. I don't have bricks to speak of. My minifig collection is sorted by part (hat, head, arm, torso, etc) and separated into ziplock bags. Those fit into a large plastic drawer in a rolling bin which I store collectibles in.