Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gaming With LEGO - Scooby Doo Pirate Ship

Well, this thing solves a few problems. It was cheaper than the other good alternatives to start with, I didn't have to pay shipping on it, it comes equipped with decent cannons, and it has a place to mount my home made Puckle gun. Heck, it even has an extendable plank which lines up with the 'boarding hole' on the other ships I've bought.

I had my kids put it together, since they were begging to. That might have been a mistake, as it is assembled a little unevenly. Some of that is because it's a Character Building set (the off off brand, worse than Mega Bloks, better than Best-Loc) though some of it is likely their fault.

But still, just look how happy the barnacled buccaneer is behind the helm. It came with some cool glow in the dark skeletons I forgot to photograph as well, which will probably compose a part of the crew as well.


StuRat said...

Scooby Doo, huh?

Have your kids made a poop deck joke, yet?

Looks pretty cool.

Happy Reaving!!

CounterFett said...

I don't think kids know enough about ships to make poop deck jokes these days.

I blame there not being enough good pirate movies.

I still need to name the Captain. I was trying to caption the photo, and realized I haven't done that yet.

StuRat said...

Cap'n Malice (Cooper)?

Or the ship's name could be Dark Heart of Malice.

Or both.