Monday, January 5, 2015

Gaming With LEGO - Space Pirates! Again!

But this time with Mind Flayers!

I think this was from the old Legends of the Void book.
So, super inspired by my stupid Mind Flayers from the LEGO blind packs, I want to get back into LEGO RPG and War Gaming! So, I have an Insidious Illithid Captain. I have a scurvy crew of enthralled Goblins. I have irritable war stone golems (seriously, I do!). What I lack is a ship! I need some way to make a modest but believable privateer or warship. Having it look like a Nautiloid from days of old (as in the picture) is not a requirement.

I also need to name it. This is often my biggest failing when it comes to this sort of thing.

What I was planning on doing was playing some solo fleet style or patrol gaming, and using either Swords and Wizardry, D20 Microlite, or Dungeon Squad to play the boarding actions. I also have the old Mongoose 'Seas of Blood' expansion from days of Yore to play with, if push comes to shove. That system was a little long on the maths, but worked relatively straightforward for ship to ship combat and crew casualties.

Then, once it was done, post a gaming report, maybe in the manner of a captain's log from the Insidious Illithid's perspective?


Stu Rat said...

You could check your local craft stores and such. I'm sure I've seen birdhouses made to look like sailing ships. I think the Michaels ones go for $10-12, but with a 40% off coupon you can find in their ads...

Just have to do something with that hole in the side.

CounterFett said...

There's also a Mega Bloks Skylanders pirate ship I am looking at pretty hard, if I can find a good price.