Wednesday, January 14, 2015

LEGO 70161 - Tremor Track Infiltration

I take issue with the name of this set. How does one infiltrate a Tremor Track? By definition, it is not a stealthy vehicle. It causes tremors! It's a tank! It punches through walls with giant armored fists!

Anyway, my little boy got this from his grampa for Christmas, and I took pictures of it after he got it home and built it. It's a pretty neat little set. Unlike most LEGO sets, which are posed 'In Fantasy Situations - Does Not Actually Fly,' the pictures on the box do not do the Tremor Track justice. Sure the villain is cool too, but the tank is DOPE!

The fists are heavy and metallic. The treads work right. The figures have neat accessories. It's a really fun set. It's nice to see cool and innovative sets for boys that aren't part of Ninjago or Chima.


WQRobb said...

Maybe someone is infiltrating the tank and taking it over.

CounterFett said...

I suppose that's a possibility. I still think "Tremor Track Incursion" is what they meant.