Monday, January 19, 2015

Minifig Monday - Sabine Wren

Hey all, Counterfett here. I have the day off for MLKJ Day. In previous years, we worked this day, but were given a 'floating' holiday that we could use at our own discretion. Normally I wold say I preferred the floater, but, in all honesty, not going in today sounds mighty fine.

Anyway, holiday or no, it is Monday, so here she is. This is Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels. I wanted a minifig of her sooooo bad. And I finally got it. She is an...uninspired translation to LEGO. It's not a bad figure, per se, it just that unless you know it's her from the package, there's not much to indicate it otherwise. She does have the purplish hair, the orange streaks, and I guess that sort of looks like her chest armor.

I wanted it before it became impossible to find in stores, and was only obtainable on ebay for four times MSRP. Mission accomplished.


Stu Rat said...

When the first two sets came out and she wasn't in either, I emailed LEGO asking if and when she would be released. Their response was something to the effect of "All future LEGO releases are confidential trade secrets and therefore we cannot answer your question."

And when she does come out, no Mandalorian helmet?

CounterFett said...

I know, right?

She would have been an exciting figure if she came out like this what, four or five years ago? But with the stuff they're doing with Chima and the blind packs, this is just pretty nondescript.

At least she came out in a cheap pack. I think this was like $15. And it comes with some cool speeder bikes to boot.

Atreides said...

i think she is awesome and looks totally badass. not everything needs to be new and technical to be cool :)