Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Terreria Tuesday - Gold Armor Player

I found this guy a week or so ago in Toys r Us. I was fairly pleased, since I am not a big fan of Minecraft, and my wife has been collecting the toys, to find a line for the more fun (in my opinion) game which I actually played. The only figure I got at the time was the Gold Armor Player, as shown here. More came along at a later time, as you will see in the near future, but the other single packed figures were apparently stuff that was added since I last played.

Gold armor is the first 'serious' armor you can make for yourself. It's better than the other 'naturally occuring' armors you can make, like silver or copper. I think it makes you look a little like Gilgamesh from the original Tower of Druaga game, but that's half the charm of a game like Terraria.

Gil comes with a golden sword, a pickaxe, an anvil, and a trident. The first three are relatively self-explanatory, but the trident was a rare spear type weapon that you got from dropping into the ocean at the extreme end of the map (either using a water breathing item or a helmet) and looting the treasure chest there. This was added after the launch of the game, and was one of the last updates before I stopped playing.

A pretty neat little set, and the Terraria fanboi in me revels that such a thing was made.

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