Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I'm not a Pokemon fan. I've never played any of the Pokemon games or had any of the toys. I've only caught a few of the episodes of the cartoon when my kids were watching it. Why, then do I have a favorite Pokemon?

Super Smash Bros, baby!

I remember Mario! from A Year Of Toys screaming in anguish one year at my birthday party as I turned around what should certainly have been his ultimate victory with a last minute Poke Ball. What should emerge from the globular candy cane? Blastoise.

I have that sort of relationship with Blastoise. And yet, there never seem to be any good toys out of the cannon-packing Testudinidae, so when I discovered this Mega-size plush toy in Target, even my wife approved the buy.

"When are you ever going to find this again?" she asked. When indeed.

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