Thursday, February 12, 2015

Terraria Thursday! Just Barely!

Today we'll be having a quick look at the last of the Terraria sets I have found, the World Collector's Set.

Not really all that much to talk about with this one, I mostly got it because it had the Demon Eye, the last of the enemies I associate with the Eye of Cthulhu.

Also included in the pack is the Green Slime, just about the most common enemy in the galaxy. Seriously, you would think in fantasy RPGs they were only slightly less infinite than Hydrogen. There's the guide, that dude so useless that it makes me angry I have to give him a room in the house before the other, more useful NPCs.

There's the Zombie. Only slightly less ubiquitous than Green Slimes. I guess it's good to have one in case I want to reenact my freakout the first time I saw a red moon.

There's the Silver Armor player, which I like, and is one of the main reasons I got this set. I usually put the Silver Armor in the vanity slot, so I look cool still once I get better armor (at least until I can get the Hero Clothes and look like Link).

And then there's Tim. I didn't realize he had a name and always called him 'the stupid magic skeleton.' He's important because he gives you an early magic item, though I don't remember which one.

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