Thursday, February 5, 2015

Terraria Thursday - Skeletron

Okay, so, forgive me, but I forgot about these for a few weeks (!). Work has been kind of stupid, but you know what makes that better? Terraria!

So, Skeletron was supposed to be the hardest boss in the game (at the time I was playing it anyway), but ended up being considerably easier for me than the Eater Of Worlds. This, I think, is because better armor and weapons mitigate the Skeletron's raw power to a decent extent by the time you get to him, while the Eater doesn't get any smaller or slower.

But, that aside, Skeletron comes with some fun SWAG, as the Eye of Cthulu did before him. There's a grappling hook, two extra skulls, a mallet, and a tome. The middle skull fits the other figures, just like the smaller version of the Eye did. Pretty dope.