Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Toys For Wargaming - Star Wars Command - Droid Destruction

Collecting toy soldiers or army men is what got me back into wargaming after a pretty serious hiatus in the early 2000s. Now that I am sort of semi back in hiatus, it seems strange that I am still buying army men that I want to use for wargaming, but there you go.

In this case, I am snapping up the Star Wars Command sets I wanted to get previously, since the pricing finally makes sense. I never wanted the medium sets that come with out of scale ships, I just want the soldiers, but they were always the $10 price in the stores I go to. I think they were just confused, seriously.

But at the new lower price, I want to get some of these guys to play BatleTroops with. My burning need for good, inexpensive soldiers for that classic old FASA warhorse never diminishes.

This set comes with three Battle Droids in tan, three in red, two Super Battle Droids, and a General Grievous 'exclusive' with minor paint apps. A decent set. They will make good laser fodder in city fights.

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