Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pirate - Terraria Action Figures Series 1

This is another one of those NPCs that was released into the game after I stopped playing it the first time. He was the second of the 'hardmode' characters I got to spawn (afte the wizard) because it took me so stinking long to get a Pirate Invasion!

He's pretty true to how he appears in the game. He comes with a Cannon, which I have no idea if that's cool or not, since I haven't used the cannon yet, as well as some miscellaneous pirate gear like a chest and map. But most importantly, he comes with a Cutlass!

I actually finally got the cutlass last night, and am I ever pleased with it! 60+ damage, average knockback, very fast speed, and autoswing! Call me a geezer, but I try to not use weapons without autoswing, because it get's old repeatedly pulling the right trigger. Especially because my controller is squeaky.

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