Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bucket Of Fantasy Warriors

Okay, so here's the big pile of fantasy toy soldiers I referenced in yesterday's post. This is only half, because I think I have another pile of these guys somewhere in my garage. Actually, I think the other batch is the pirates, because I loved the skeletons they came with. That's something of a shortfall of this set, honestly, there's only one obvious 'bad guy' figure, which is that hairy bugbear/hobgoblin with the big axe you see on the right side. I hope the other set is pirates now, honestly. Because really, look at the picture below, that dragon is a bit derpy. Though a good fit for what I want it for, I suppose.

But what this set does do well though, is extras! The little evil bladed gazebo you see in the back right is a bit uninteresting. But just look at those trees! Darn if the set wasn't worth it just for that! I'm not even going to paint them, I am just going to use them as is. The bridge is nice, as are the little piles of rubble. I like the shapes, as they are clearly delineated obstacles, which makes measurement and LOS determination easier.

Also, the candles are pretty cool.

I do like the figures, even if the poses are a bit simplistic and repetitive. Some of them will make good fantasy characters from this tower defense game I play. Some of the others will take some work or convering, but I think I am up for it.

You all might be seeing more of this project in the future. Presuming I don't get burned out again and do nothing for months at a time.


Matthew Forish said...

This "Tower Defense miniatures game" sounds interesting. I saw other posts about it on your blog, even a link to a rules page - but it is dead. Can you tell me where I might be able to read more about this?

CounterFett said...

I never finished it. Sadly, I was making it based on "Orcs Must Die" and I never got it quite to the level I wanted it. The problem was that it would take too much play-testing to make the traps balanced. I'm not good at costing things.

Kim Dubuisson said...

Very cool!

Matthew Forish said...

Any chance you still have your working files? I'm a bit of a hobbyist game designer* and the whole idea really intrigues me.

* I mostly make home-brew rules for 40K, which have been received pretty well on various forums, but I have started dabbling in other areas as well.

CounterFett said...

I can check when I get home. Might still have something on a thumb drive.

CounterFett said...

Nevermind, I was actually able to reinstate the link at the top, courtesy of the wayback machine.

You can check out what I have. I had almost completely forgotten about this, but I might start working on this again.

Let me know if you play this or make something from it, I'd love to check it out.

Matthew Forish said...

Hooray! I'm popular! (Or at least that one guy said I am...) :)

Thanks for restoring it. If I end up doing anything with it, I will definitely come back and let you know!

CounterFett said...

Please note. The text at the bottom is in black. I'm working to fix it, but blogger is being uncooperative.