Saturday, May 9, 2015

Handicapped Miniature Painting

Well, I had pretty much given up on painting miniatures when I got hurt a few years ago. I just don't have the fine motor skills to pull it off for 28mm gaming anymore.  And when I do hold something and try to paint, my left hand shakes. Minutely, but enough to make it hard. But my daughter, who if you remember, never lost to me in Space Hulk, wanted to paint some minis with me. What's a nerdy dad to do?

Sand Person Before
Well, I already sort of talked about it in the past few posts. We had fantasy and sci fi army men. we had paint markers. voila.

Sand Person After
 So, here in this post, I figured I would show a few quick before and after photos of some of the Star Wars Command army men I had laying around. They aren't very good, but I haven't painted in years, and I can't use my left hand that well to boot.

Sandtrooper Before
Still, not bad for a one armed man and a fifth grade girl.

Sandtrooper After
Mostly, since the Star Wars army men come molded in pretty much exactly the colors they need to be, it just goes to show what a little minimal attention can do for picking out details.


WQRobb said...

Have you considered ink washes or the dip?

CounterFett said...

Yeah. That's not something I can do with my kids, but I'll probably do it at some point.