Thursday, May 28, 2015

Toys For Wargaming - Icarus Troopers

About a year back, there was a Call Of Duty Mega Bloks set which had Astronaut troopers. I thought that was pretty cool at the time, but didn't want to spring the 'Big Set Price' of something linke $70. Well, a few months later, and the Icarus Troopers set comes out. Inside, you get 5 astro troopers, as well as a little satellite thingie. So really all you are missing from the big set is a much larger satellite. I think this set was $15-$20

A much better deal, in my opinion.

The big downside to these is that they are pretty darn hard to put together. Seriously. I gave them to my kids to put together, and got them back a few days later, still unassembled. I laughed, and went to do it myself. Then I stopped laughing. This set is too hard to assemble. Seriously. I did finally get it, but it was such a pain that I didn't even want to photograph the completed set.

It was that bad.

So unless you are really in love with the idea of armed Astronaut Soldiers, I would suggest to just pass on this set.

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