Sunday, May 24, 2015

World Of Nintendo - Link Action Figures

Well, if you had read between the lines when I posted the Samus review some days back, you would have known this was coming. Later that same day, we were walking around a different Target. This one was not as well organized, so I was quickly scanning each aisle as my wife looked for LEGO friends and My Little Ponies. And I found what some kid (or other collector, I suppose) had hidden in the pool toy aisle.


I think this is the longest I have looked for anything in stores to avoid having to pay Amazon scalper mark up. Because, seriously, this cost less than a third of what these are going for on Amazon right now. Before shipping.

For Link himself, he's pretty good. I would have preferred they paint his shirt collar a different color, since it is molded, but left gray like his chainmail, when it should match his sleeve. His sword does fit all the way in the scabbard, which non of the pictures show done correctly, and had me a little concerned. I like that his face is painted to look less effeminate than the Figma version (which looks like he is wearing lipstick). This version is a bit small compared to the other figures in the same line.

His surprise accessory is his shield, which was not much of a surprise at all, really. This is kind of a bummer, because this is the #1 thing that should be check for paint quality. Mine was fin, but I would have been happier confirming that before I bought.

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